The Aerial Adventure is where we encourage ZBASE participants to reach new heights by getting their feet off the ground. We’ve designed each Aerial Adventure zone with the latest innovations in climbing and safety technology, and there’s something for everyone to reach for. A 70′ X 124′ double octagon steel adventure tower awaits aerial enthusiast.  Up top are breath taking views but it will take everything you got to traverse over 40 elements to get there.  Then when you think you are done, you are just beginning as you will zip line over 1,300 ft across Skiatook Lake on the Cappy Zip Line.  The ZBASE Aerial Adventure is a great way to encourage physical accomplishments and create memorable experiences for even the most digitally entrenched. When it comes to truly high adventure, the Aerial Adventure is the pinnacle ZBASE experience.

70 ft. tall  Adventure Tower1300 ft. Zip LineBoldering  AVAILABLE AS PART OF White TREK Black TREK Blue TREK Red TREK Orange TREK