This is one extreme activity ZBASE participants will never forget, as they match their wits and training against Mother Nature during this immersive leadership and team-building activity. Finding shelter, food, water, and re – as well as navigating the course through the challenging ZBASE terrain – provides an engaging experience that just can’t be replicated in the digital landscape. Each ZBASE participant receives a map, basic survival tools and instructions regarding the starting point, checkpoints, and the ending point. After that, it’s up to them to work together for the common goal, by bringing their unique strengths, knowledge, and communication style to the team. The Extreme Wilderness Survival challenge requires team members to work closely with each other for assistance, and to reach down within themselves to uncover – and demonstrate – their individual leadership and decision-making skills. When everything is on the line, this ZBASE activity will provide valuable life-long lessons for participants, while teaching them to work as a team – and ultimately – about themselves.


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