No adventure would be complete without the chance to learn to shoot – which is why the Sporting Clays Challenge is an integral part of the ZBASE experience. ZBASE crews will learn the proper way to shoot, maintain their shotguns, and how to demonstrate firearm safety and responsibility while having a blast.

The Sporting Clays Challenge includes an 18-station sporting clays course. Targets include singles, simultaneous pairs, report pairs, or “rabbit” targets that skitter unpredictably across the ground. The course also features a covered pavilion, shotguns, and trap machines with wireless release systems. First-person shooter video games are all the rage with millennials and digital natives. This activity will inspire crews to put down the controller, and learn the true meaning of responsibility and marksmanship by handling real shotguns on real, flying targets.

After their round of sporting clays, crews will be invited back to the Graves Building for a BBQ meal and swapping stories on the back porch as evening rolls in. Crews will be camped on the bluff overlooking Turkey Creek Canyon, Skiatook Lake and the southern part of Zink Ranch before heading on to the next adventure.

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