2019 ZBASE Staff Applications Being Accepted!

At ZBASE, everything begins with a quality staff. Great care will be used in the selection process and training of our staff. Staff attitude, example, and performance set the pace for all those who attend. ZBASE will hire summer staff to support Adventure Area programs, food service, retail operations, maintenance, conservation, medical services and administrative positions. Base salaries begin at  $400/week with room/board  included with all contracts.

At ZBASE we want you to be a part of something special.  We believe in our staff to help develop programs,  and with your input you can put your mark on programs that will live on for decades afterwards!

To Apply:

  • Download a Seasonal Staff Application (PDF)
  • Be as specific as possible on dates of employment.
  • Develop a brief resumé, outlining your experience and qualifications for each of the positions you have selected.
  • Send your application, resumé, and letter(s) of reference to ZBASE.