Wilderness First Aid/ CPR/ Health & Medical Record Update

Wilderness First Aid and CPR 

ZBASE highly encourages crew leadership to complete the Wilderness First Aid and CPR requirements as written in the Adventure Guidebook (Leaders Guide), however, ZBASE will not deny crews a ZBASE adventure due to the inability to meet WFA and CPR requirements during the 2020 season. ZBASE has adjusted the program model slightly to accommodate crews who do not have these certifications. 

Health and Medical Record 

We understand that physical exams may be difficult to obtain in some parts of the country because of COVID-19. We also realize that this may present a hardship for some participants that typically schedule their physical exams prior to the camping season. In light of COVID-19, the following guidance is being provided and will be in effect until August 31, 2020. The following one-time exceptions will only apply to BSA Accredited Council Camps and BSA High Adventure Bases.

BSA Annual Health and Medical Record 2020 Exception on Letterhead