Scouting Adventures

ZBASE is excited to host several unique adventures throughout the year.  For more information, check out all the programs below.

High Adventure Programs

Are you ready for the next level in high adventure?  High adventure trek registration is now open for 2021 treks.  To get started on your registration go to our online registration page:

ZBASE High Adventure online sign-up

High Adventure Treks start dates are offered to start every Saturday and Sunday beginning June 3 – July 8.

You can also find a digital copy of the ZBASE High Adventure flyer to help promote to your crew members. ZBASE Flyer

ZBASE treks are high adventure programs are reserved for older youth (be at least 13 – ATV program requires to be 14) .  Check out the eligibility requirements to help you plan.

Questions?  Contact us at: or 918-392-1227

ZBASE Calendar

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