Participants must be at least age 14 years of age (or completed the 8th grade) by the time they participate in a ZBASE Trek.  We also highly recommend that all participants have practiced outdoor skills including: canoeing, hiking/ backpacking, shooting sports, climbing, cooking, etc. Most, if not all, skills will be used on a trek.

All participants should be prepared for the physical nature of a high adventure trek and for the environment.  Crews will travel 3-6 miles each day in addition to the activities performed at each Adventure Area. Please read the ZBASE Height, Weight, and Risk Advisory


Each Crew is required to have at least 2 adults (and no more than 4 adults in a Crew) attend.  Each adult needs to be registered members of the BSA and have taken Youth Protection Training.  At least one adult in each Crew must have Wilderness First-Aid and it is encouraged that each adult have a recognized first-aid/ CPR certification.

Adults are encouraged to participate in all Adventure Areas alongside the youth Crew members and therefore should read and understand the ZBASE Height/ Weight/ Risk Advisory.

All Crew members must come with parts A, B, & C of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Form.

You can find a suggested equipment list and FAQ section here:

Suggested Equipment List and FAQ.