Youth participants must be 13 years of age by the time of the trek to participate in a ZBASE Trek (ATV program youth need to be at least 14).  We also highly recommend that all participants have practiced outdoor skills including canoeing, hiking/ backpacking, shooting sports, climbing, cooking, etc. Most, if not all, skills will be used on a trek.

Certain Adventure Areas (ATV’s) require that youth participants must be 14 (or 13 and completed the 8th grade) to fully participate in the area.

All participants should be prepared for the physical nature of a high adventure trek and the environment.  Crews will travel 3-8 miles each day in addition to the activities performed at each Adventure Area. Please read the ZBASE Height, Weight, and Risk Advisory


Each Crew is required to have at least 2 adults (and no more than 4 adults in a Crew) to attend.  Each adult needs to be a registered member of the BSA and have taken Youth Protection Training.  At least one adult in each Crew must have recognized Wilderness First-Aid training and it is encouraged that each adult have a recognized first-aid/ CPR certification.

Adults are encouraged to participate in all Adventure Areas alongside the youth Crew members and therefore should read and understand the ZBASE Height/ Weight/ Risk Advisory.  Height and weight charts are guidelines that should be discussed with your physician before you arrive at ZBASE to ensure that you remain safe during your trek.  All participants will go through a pre-trek medical recheck.

All Crew members must come with parts A, B, & C of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Form.

You can find a suggested equipment list and FAQ section here:

Suggested Equipment List and FAQ.