ZBASE Height/ Weight/ Risk Advisory



ZBASE Experience. The ZBASE experience is not risk-free. Staff will instruct participants in safety measures. Be prepared to listen to and follow these measures. Accept responsibility for the health and safety of yourself and others. Each participant must be able to carry 25 to 35 percent of their body weight while hiking and canoeing 5 to 9 miles per day in isolated areas ranging from 600 to 950 feet in elevation over trails that are steep and rocky and in large body of water. Summer/ climate temperatures from low 70s to over 100 degrees, high humidity (40-60%), and frequent, sometimes severe, thunderstorms and possible tornadic weather will present themselves.

Risk Advisory. ZBASE has an excellent health and safety record and strives to minimize risks to participants by emphasizing appropriate safety precautions. Because most participants are prepared, are conscious of risks, and take safety precautions, they do not experience injuries. If you decide to attend ZBASE, you should be physically fit, have proper clothing and equipment, be willing to follow instructions, work as a team with your crew, and take responsibility for your own health and safety.

ZBASE staff members are trained in first aid, CPR, and accident prevention. They can assist the adult advisor in recognizing, reacting to, and responding to accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Each crew is required to have at least one member trained in wilderness first aid and CPR. Response times can be affected by location, terrain, weather, or other emergencies and could be delayed for hours in a wilderness setting.

All ZBASE participants should understand potential health risks inherent in a warm and humid environment. A physically demanding high- adventure program in remote areas; camping while being exposed to occasional severe weather conditions such as lightning, hail, flash floods, and heat; and other potential problems, including injuries from tripping and falling, falls from horses, heat exhaustion, water immersion, and motor vehicle accidents, can worsen underlying medical conditions. Native wild animals and insects such as, snakes, spiders, ticks, and mosquitos usually present little danger if proper precautions are taken.

Please call ZBASE at 918-673-6125 if you have any questions. All participants and guests should review all materials and websites related to the experiences they are planning to have at ZBASE as well as practice/ prepare for the physicality of a trek.

Come to ZBASE prepared and physically fit for the conditions.



Weight limit guidelines are used because overweight individuals are at a greater risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep problems, and injury. These guidelines are for all Scouting high-adventure activities. Each participant’s weight must be less than the maximum acceptable limit in the weight chart. Participants 21 years and older who exceed the maximum acceptable weight limit for their height at the ZBASE medical recheck MAY not be permitted to backpack or hike at ZBASE. They will be sent home or asked to stay at Base Camp. ZBASE recommends youth be at least 90 lbs. in order to endure the physical nature of a high adventure trek.

For participants under 21 years of age who exceed the maximum acceptable weight for height, the ZBASE staff will use their judgment to determine if the youth can participate. ZBASE will consider up to 30 pounds over the maximum acceptable; however, exceptions are not made automatically and discussion with ZBASE in advance is required for any exception. ZBASE’s telephone number is 918-743-6125. Due to rescue equipment restrictions and evacuation efforts from remote sites, under no circumstances will any individual weighing more than 295 pounds be permitted to participate in Adventure Area programs.

ZBASE Approval. Staff and/or staff physicians reserve the right to deny the participation of any individual on the basis of a physical examination and/or medical history. Each participant is subject to a medical recheck at ZBASE.

Height/Weight Restrictions. If you exceed the maximum weight for height as explained in the following chart and your planned high-adventure activity will take you more than 30 minutes away from an emergency vehicle/accessible roadway, you may not be allowed to participate.

Maximum Weight for Height:

Height(inches) Max Weight   Height(inches) Max Weight   Height(inches) Max Weight   Height(inches) Max Weight
60 166   65 195   70 226   75 260
61 172   66 201   71 233   76 267
62 178   67 207   72 239   77 274
63 183   68 214   73 246   78 281
64 189   69 220   74 252   79 & over 295

This table is based on the revised Dietary Guidelines for Americans from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. of Health & Human Services.

A water-displacement test to determine percent body fat will also be accepted in lieu of the height-weight guidelines.  Women will need to have a body fat of 20% or less and men will need to have a body fat of 15% or less to be qualified to participate.  No other form of test to determine percent body fat (DEXA scan, skin fold, etc.) will be accepted by ZBASE.

All Crew members must come with parts A, B, & C of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Form.

You can find a suggested equipment list and FAQ section here:

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