Trek Resources

Here is your spot for everything high adventure!  Below is your checklist of items you will need for your upcoming adventure at ZBASE.

ZBASE Digital Trek Guide!  Click above to start exploring!

ZBASE High Adventure Guide 2023-Your complete guide to help you get ready for your adventure!  This is a PDF that can be a direct download.


ZBASE Online Registration Guidebook – A step-by-step guide to help you register for your high adventure trek using the ZBASE online portal.

ZBASE online payment guide– Already signed up for ZBASE and need to adjust your roster or make a payment?  This short document will walk you through that process.

ZBASE High Adventure Payment Schedule– quick guide to get you started on the payment schedule.  Invoices will be sent when payments are due.

ZBASE Suggested equipment – Also listed in the Leaders Guide but in a convenient form to email to crew members.

ZBASE pre-trek Adventure Area prep.. – Some Adventure Areas require pre-trek work including waivers, online courses, or special clothing you must bring.  This gives a short checklist of what is required.

  1. ATV Waiver
    1. ATV Safety Institute e-course– link to the ASI site to take pre-trek ATV Course.
    2. There is no cost for this training.
    3. This course will take approximately 1 1/2  – 2 hrs to complete.
    4. ATV COVID-19 Waiver – The ATV Safety Institute waiver
  2. PWC Waiver
    1. Boat-ed safety course – link to a site to take the pre-trek boaters safety course.
      1. Please note that there is a cost for this training.
      2. This course will take at minimum 3hrs to complete and is comprehensive.
  3. Equestrian Release for the Native American Horse Program.

ZBASE TOPO MAP – a topographical map of ZBASE and the area that surrounds it.

BSA Health and Medical Form (a.k.a. health form or physical) – Each ZBASE participant must have a current BSA form on file when arriving at ZBASE.  Please bring TWO copies to ZBASE (one to leave at ZBASE Base Camp and one to carry with you on the trail).

Questions?  Contact us at or 918-392-1228


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