This trek was designed for those who seek those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

As you make your way from Base Camp, begin the adventure that takes you over to the pulse pumping Mountain Bike Adventure.  Then  up and over to the ATV Action Course where you will ride over the rugged and beautiful terrain of ZBASE. On day 3 you and your crew will travel to the far side of the Zink Ranch to experience the Equestrian Adventure working with horses during your stay.  Next up  travel to Western Village for Cowboy Action Shooting.  Your reservations have been made at the Buffalo Hotel and Ruth’s Longhorn Palace.  On day 5 get ready to get wet as you travel to the Aquatics Adventure Area to do jet skis.  You end your journey with a unique outdoor adventure at the Cable Wake Park and get back to base as you get an extra night of Base Camp accommodations.