This trek takes you on one of the longest mileage treks offered.

After gearing up at Base Camp hike on down and take a step back in time to the Turkey Creek Wesetern Village.  Next get on over to the ATV Action Center and experience the rugged terrain of ZBASE on the back side of your quad.  Get plenty of rest that evening as on day 3 you head down to the Treehouse/ Warrior Adventure where you will try your hand at the ninja warrior course and challenge yourself with the ZBASE Warrior Challenge on the shores of Keystone Lake.   Next, you try your skills at the Mountain Bike Course and experience ZBASE which most don’t get to view.  The last adventure day takes you to the beautiful Jack Graves Sporting Clay Complex to test your skills on our world-class clay course.  Day 7 head back to Skiatook Lake and catch a ride back to Base Camp to cool off in the pools and clean up from your adventures!

The Yellow Trek is sure to give you a unique perspective of the vastness of the ZBASE terrain.